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We provide an economical way for you to get accurate and reliable records of existing conditions so you can spend more time on design and problem solving work. Over thirty years in remodeling and renovation have provided us the experience and know-how to evaluate what’s important and where to look.

We are conscientious and cooperative, and are dedicated to helping you get the job done right.


Detailed Information of Exceptional Accuracy
* As-Built drawings (existing conditions) detailed just for your scope of work.
* Floor plans with measurements to finish and framing.
* Site plans with setbacks, landscape features, accurate north, and more.
* Adjacent buildings and sun/shadow studies.
* Elevations registered with laser accuracy.
* Point loads.
* Foundation conditions.
* Header & sill heights, trim profiles, door & window styles.
* Photographic documentation for reference and historical records.
* HVAC issues.
* Ventilations issues.
* Drainage issues.

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